Society problems

  • Loss of roots, meanings and goals of people and their associations;
  • Loss of the subjective approach in science and the replacement of knowledge for humans with knowledge for machines;
  • Loss of a single worldview basis that explains all spheres of life and activity;
  • Loss of peace and harmony in all social systems — aggravation of contradictions, more frequent crises, an increase in the number and degree of complexity of problems, an increase in imbalance in all areas related to a human being;
  • Loss of humanity — technocratization and degradation of society, destruction of culture and traditions.

Solution Approach

Any system — a family, a company, a country, or the solar system — is built on the basis of universal principles, the knowledge of which opens for a human being the path to Omniscience. To discover these principles, we propose to return to the subjective approach in science, where the cognizing Observer becomes the main basis of world perception and worldview, capable of perceiving various planes of existence — from higher meanings and measures to the manifested material spheres of life.

A holistic worldview basis can be found only in the natural world, which consists of material and non-material planes. These planes are similar to each other according to the principle of fractality — when a part of the whole is similar to the whole. The spiritual, or unmanifested, part of an individual’s life, where his mind and self exist, where he gains experience of thoughts and emotions, senses and relationships, is reflected in the structure and levels of his material body.

Importance of Measure

A prerequisite for the search for truth is the presence of an exact measure associated with a human being, not detached from him and, moreover, not denying the cognizing Observer. For this we propose to use the most perfect system of measures available to us — our own body as an instrument for distinguishing and structuring the phenomena of life. Knowledge of the universal principles of existence and attention to subtle bodily sensations is our approach to understanding the world order and solving any problems.

We invite to joint study and exchange of experience all those who are interested in true science and the development of man and mankind.

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